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What is the Most Important Thing for an Aesthetic Smile?

Great question indeed. Typically, as the old saying goes, aesthetics and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. This is true to a large extent as everyone develops their aesthetic preferences from their upbringing, environment, culture and era. However, one of the most universally accepted factors for an aesthetic smile is symmetry of the central incisors.

Let’s look at a case that we completed where there was a lack of symmetry.

Linda came to see us because when she was a young child she had an accident that caused damage to her front tooth. She had root canal treatment but recently she had started to experience problems with her tooth causing pain when she ate or touched it and she didn’t like how her front teeth looked different. Linda was also worried that the tooth would snap and break and she didn’t want to wear a denture. She wanted a solution that was permanent and wanted her smile to look more harmonious.


• Discoloured front tooth root showing through her gums.

• The tooth started moving, bringing the gum down with it.

• Her teeth and gum line was severely uneven.

• Pain when eating and touching the tooth.


Every detail for Linda was analysed and considered to ensure that we found right solution for her. We planned accurate and customised treatment that delivered predictable results. Treatment included:

• Dental implant and crown.

• Gum rejuvenation.

• Veneer on adjacent front tooth.

Linda is relieved that she no longer has to fear her tooth falling out or wearing a denture. Linda’s teeth are more symmetrical and with no gum discoloration. Quality workmanship and precision preparations ensured that we achieved the results that Linda wanted.

If you have any questions you have always wanted to know about aesthetic or implant dentistry write to us at

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