Custom-made Porcelain Crowns

CEREC is State of the Art Technology that allows us to produce the strongest restorations possible in one single visit. The restorations that are produced make your teeth stronger and more natural looking. The restorations are metal free and made out of high-grade ceramic material that is compatible with tooth structure.

CEREC Omnicam

Advanced Dentistry Sydney is one of the few practices in Sydney using CEREC Omnicam technology – the latest revolutionary system that reconstructs teeth to their original shape and size in just one visit.

With the ability to produce and fit porcelain crowns/onlays/inlays and veneers in a single appointment, there is no need for unpleasant impressions, temporary fittings, second injection or second visit. The reconstruction process is simply compressed into a 1-3 hour office visit, with striking aesthetic results that are long lasting.


The CEREC procedure was developed in Zurich, Switzerland and has been used for more than 30 years. Long-term clinical studies show that in terms of durability, CEREC restorations are at least equivalent to gold restorations, which have been the ‘gold standard’ when comparing restorations.

Our meticulous process ensures that we use gold standards in porcelain bonding. This process is summarised below and can be seen in our photographs of our CEREC porcelain restorations.

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Isolation by latex free rubber dam

prevents contamination of the field

from moisture. This optimises

bond strengths. It also improves

comfort for our patients.



State of the Art technology is used

to scan, design and fabricate your crown. No impression material is needed.

Cavity Prep

We use safe techniques to remove

existing restorations (amalgam, gold or

resin). A special bacteria detector dye

is then used to detect residual bacteria

in the tooth till is it effectively clean.



We go over and above and use Glycerin

over our margins to do our final cure. This

ensures a fully cured margin.


Immediate Dentine Sealing (IDS)

seals the dentine with a hybrid

layer. This improves bond strength,

fewer gap formations and decreased

bacterial leakage and postop sensitivity.



Our process finishes with polishing

and detailing our porcelain surface to

optimise function and appearance.

We believe that the highest quality of dentistry comes from education, experience and dedication. When combined with passion, we have a recipe for success.




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