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Do You Feel like Your Smile is Holding You Back?

Claire was a professional working Mother who underwent porcelain veneers because she smiled with a 'closed mouth', had crooked and yellowing teeth. She wanted radiant, natural looking teeth that were straighter, whiter and that meant that she would smile in photos and in life.

Before having veneers with Dr Andrew See, Claire was embarrassed by her teeth; she didn't smile much and she felt that people were judging her by the appearance of her teeth. She was worried about the impact this was having on her career and the progression of her personal life. Claire had high dental anxiety, she was scared of pain and therefore put off going to the dentist for a long time.

After getting porcelain veneers with Dr Andrew See, she has renewed self-confidence, enjoys smiling and her friends say she looks younger and happier! Through the meticulous planning by Dr Andrew See, combined with his Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry through the Kings College in London, Claire's teeth were not ground down to stumps underneath her veneers.

Claire was surprised by how minimal the tooth preparations were and how natural her veneers look and feel. Claire no longer hides her teeth and they don't affect her ability to communicate effectively. Throughout the appointments with Dr Andrew See and his team, she always felt welcomed and she really valued being part of the design process in creating her beautiful new smile.

Watch the 5 minute interview with Claire to hear about her experience.

*Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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We believe that the highest quality of dentistry comes from education, experience and dedication. When combined with passion, we have a recipe for success.

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We use state of the art 3D techniques to replace missing teeth to give you the most optimal function and aesthetic result.

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We are specifically trained in designing a perfect smile for you. Find out more about our process of smile designing.

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We provide an innovative solution for full arch rehabilitation with dental implants.

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A large focus of our practice is restoring worn down dentitions. We aim to do things properly, first time, every time for everyone.




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