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Claire's transformation
Dental Problems
  • Severe crooked teeth in the front teeth
  • Spaces that she wanted closed
  • Stained and decay under old composite resin veneers
  • Yellow teeth
Claire was getting married in 2 months and wanted to have the smile she always wanted for the occasion. She had composite resin veneers done previously to try and close the gaps between her teeth. Decay and staining was infecting the margin join.
Orthodontic treatment was out of the question because the wedding was in 2 months. So we carefully planned and placed porcelain veneers with minimal tooth adjustment of the teeth. Claire's treatment was completed in 6 visits.
1st visit: Consultation and comprehensive dental examination. Models taken.
2nd visit: Old composite resin removed and scale and clean. Diagnostic records taken. Scans and photographs taken and tooth whitening commenced.
3rd visit: Digital Smile Design and Mock Up
4th visit: Placement of 10 provisional Veneers and gum lift to even the gum margins.
5th visit: Bonding of 10 porcelain veneers and scan for night occlusal splint
6th visit: Review of the veneers and issue of the night occlusal splint

Our Smile Transformations

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