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Our Process is About Collaboration

Full mouth rehabilitation is an opportunity to begin again when your mouth may have been damaged by decay, gum disease, trauma or bite and wear problems. Dr Andrew See and the team will work with you on the best way to rehabilitate your mouth so you are happy with your smile and overall oral health. Dr See has specific skills learned through many years of education and training that allows him to perfect this treatment.


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Our Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process

Initial Consultation
A patient-driven experience begins with an open introduction to get to know you.
Diagnostic Records
We collect data and diagnostic records to accurately diagnose your current oral condition.
Smile Design and Proposal Fees
We create a smile design that is facially driven and is in harmony with your lips, gums and bite.
Foundation Work
Great smiles are built on solid foundations. We start by creating healthy gums, teeth and jaw joints.
Preparation and Fabrication
We carefully prepare the teeth and impressions are taken for the fabrication of the final veneers.
Your New Smile
Your porcelain restorations are custom fitted. You now have the smile you have always wanted.
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