Smile Designing

Our Process is About Collaboration

Dr Andrew See's education, training and experience has seen him transform into a smile architect. He strives to create smiles that are beautiful, natural and functional.

From small makeovers that involve one or two teeth to full mouth rehabilitation, Dr See handles cases big and small. We ensure you understand your available options so you can make the right decision about your teeth. Every member of our team takes great pride in helping our patients attain a high level of oral health and creating a beautiful smile.

Dr Andrew See and the team work with you to create a smile that you have always wanted or recreate the smile that you had.

The process that we have developed is unique and has been developed through the years of training and experience. Click on the steps below to see our collaborative process of smile designing.

Our Smile Design Process

Initial Consultation
A patient-driven experience begins with an open introduction to get to know you.
Diagnostic Records
We collect data and diagnostic records to accurately diagnose your current oral condition.
Smile Design and Proposal Fees
We create a smile design that is facially driven and is in harmony with your lips, gums and bite.
Foundation Work
Great smiles are built on solid foundations. We start by creating healthy gums, teeth and jaw joints.
Preparation and Fabrication
We carefully prepare the teeth and impressions are taken for the fabrication of the final veneers.
Your New Smile
Your porcelain restorations are custom fitted. You now have the smile you have always wanted.
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Our Smile Transformations

We believe that the highest quality of dentistry comes from education, experience and dedication. When combined with passion, we have a recipe for success.

Implant dentistry - white.png

We use state of the art 3D techniques to replace missing teeth to give you the most optimal function and aesthetic result.

Cosmetic - white.png

We are specifically trained in designing a perfect smile for you. Find out more about our process of smile designing.

All on 4 - white.png

We provide an innovative solution for full arch rehabilitation with dental implants.

Rehabilitation - white.png

A large focus of our practice is restoring worn down dentitions. We aim to do things properly, first time, every time for everyone.




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