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Financing Options for Treatment

Financing Treatment

We can help you with finance options and accessing Superannuation so you can have the dental treatment you need now. For some, savings cover it, but for others, finance options are often the right option for them. Dentistry can be expensive, especially procedures that require surgery and sedation. 

Like buying a car, we don't expect people to always have access to that kind of money, so instead, we have solutions to help you. We endeavour to help you reach your dental goals by listening and collaborating on treatment and funding choices that best suit you and your situation. We appreciate and expect payment on the day, at the time of service. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX payments, with no additional merchant fees charged. If you would like to make payment by one of the below options, please ensure eligibility is met prior to your appointment. Please let us know if we can help with anything. 

Health Fund Rebates

We accept all health funds and have HiCaps so are able to provide rebates on-the-spot. As a private practice, we are not affiliated directly with particular health funds, this means that they usually cover a portion of the cost, but not the full amount. The reason we have chosen to separate ourselves from these corporate schemes is simple, we believe we can take better care of our clients because: 

  • We choose the best materials, there is no use of standard minimum materials

  • We take the time needed during appointments, we don't have restricted time frames

  • You're not just another mouth to us, we always aim to complete each case above and beyond client expectations

Interest Free Payment Plans

ZipMoney is an option for patients who would like to have treatment now and pay it off over 6 months-2 years. ZipMoney is an organisation who work with a range of retailers and medical practices to provide a line of credit which is paid off over time. 

Early Release of Superannuation (ERS)

The early access to superannuation funds has been designed to allow patients to receive essential dental treatment that is paid for by funds that belong to them. It means that instead of waiting until 65 years of age to access it, patients can apply to access it immediately, regardless of age. There are certain circumstances of when superannuation can be released early, this is mainly related to specific medical conditions (which can include the need for dental treatment such as implants) or severe financial hardship. Contact your superannuation fund and the ATO to see if you are eligible. More information is available here

Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) - Dental Provider

We provide dental services to DVA Health Card/Veteran Cardholders (White and Gold). DVA will fund dental services necessary to meet a clinical need, we make the claim on the spot so everything is taken care of for patients. More information can be found here


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