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Options for a Gummy Smile

Creating a natural aesthetic smile involves the gums as much as the teeth and if ignored can result in a compromised result.

From an aesthetic perspective, it is considered ideal if no more than 1 to 2mm of gum is visible when a person smiles. Some individuals have excessive gums showing around all their upper front teeth when smiling and this is referred to as a gummy smile. This can also occur in localised areas around individual teeth.

The reason for excessive gum display can come from several causes. It is crucial in treatment planning to determine the cause as it dictates the method of treatment. When looking to improve smile aesthetics and harmony, Dr See routinely evaluates the gums and performs advanced techniques when necessary to improve the heights, symmetry and shape of the gums to match the person’s smile line and facial aesthetics. Treatment ranges from removing the excess gum with or without removing excess bone (crown lengthening surgery), orthodontics and Botox injections.

Let’s look at a case that we completed with gum re-contouring, crown lengthening surgery and veneers to address the gummy smile.

Samantha came to see us because she wanted to reduce her gummy smile and make her teeth longer. She had worn her front teeth down by grinding and clenching at night. Every detail for Samantha was analysed and considered to ensure minimal preparation and

maximum strength. To achieve the ideal result that complemented her lips and facial aesthetics, we re-contoured the gum and the underlying bone through crown lengthening.

The Problems:

• Gummy smile

• Retro-clined teeth

• Discoloured teeth

• Chipped and worn down teeth

The solution:

• Removal of excess gum and bone with crown lengthening surgery

• Tooth whitening

• 8 x porcelain veneers with minimal preparations that stayed within enamel

Samantha is no longer hiding her gummy smile, she proudly shows her natural looking, white teeth with a harmonious broad smile. Advanced qualifications and experience ensured that we achieved the results that Samantha wanted.

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