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5 Tips to help dental treatment last as long as possible

Dr See says: This is something that is not often discussed but is essential to getting the most out of the dental treatment you’ve taken the time and money to have done.

The mouth, just like the human body, evolves and changes over time; as we age, as we use it daily for eating, what we eat and drink, our at-home oral hygiene habits and how regularly we visit a dental practice for active maintenance. Dental treatment, just like a new car, deteriorates over time, especially if it’s not serviced and maintained. The mouth is the gateway to our body, infections that are left untreated can go into the bloodstream and increase the risk of heart attack. Other areas of the body can also be impacted by the condition of oral health including: brain, kidneys, lungs and pancreas.

5 tips that can help the longevity of dental treatment:

  1. Practice meticulous oral hygiene procedures with an electric toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste and interdental brush/floss.

  2. Schedule and attend regular active maintenance (check-up and cleans) with your Dentist, Hygienist or Oral Health Therapist.

  3. Aim to drink 8 cups of water a day.

  4. If you do have a snack, choose dairy products or nuts over fruit and chocolates.

  5. Consume acidic or sweet foods or beverages within the main meal times.

Let's look at a case we completed with veneers and the 5 year review after regular maintenance.

Initial presentation:

5-year review of veneers (and looking amazing!):

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