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Pioneering modern dentistry

The one stop shop for pioneering modern dentistry

When looking for the right person to do a job, two things usually top the list of priorities: experience and convenience. For complex dental procedures, you might think you need to let convenience fall by the wayside in order to get the best care. At Advanced Dentistry Sydney though, you can get both. With 19 years’ dentistry under his belt, and qualifications in advanced procedures like veneers, grafting, sinus augmentation and dental implants, Dr Andrew See provides predictable, personal dental care from start to finish in one place. As one of only a handful of dentists in Australia with qualifications in ground-breaking techniques for bone and gum grafting.

Dr See and the team provide a one stop shop for complex mouth rehabilitation and tooth replacement, so there’s no need to move to a different practice, and dentist for different levels of treatment.

Have you been told you can’t get implants because of bone loss?

When bone has melted away due to gum disease or a missing tooth, it becomes difficult, and sometimes impossible for dentists to place dental implants. The advanced bone grafting techniques Dr See uses however, allow him to treat many patients that other dentists may not be able to.

Dr See has been trained by leading German dental surgeon Dr Frank Zastrow M.Sc. in an advanced bone grafting procedure that uses tissue from your jaw bone. Using tissue from your own bone generally offers the best chance of rapid recovery and long-lasting results, however, Dr See is trained in other augmentation techniques that successfully use animal and man-made materials too.

When an implant is needed and the jaw bone has receded too much to support the new tooth, bone grafting is used to create a strong foundation. Occasionally implants may be placed during the same appointment as bone grafting, however in some cases 4-9 months of healing may be required first.

David came to see us because of advanced gum disease around his front tooth which had significant bone loss. He had his upper right premolars extracted over 10 years ago. He had also been told that he wasn't a candidate for implants due to the bone loss and a low sinus. He wanted to improve his oral health, the colour and shape of his teeth and he didn't want a denture to be his only option. Let's look at some before and after photos below. To read more about his case, click here.

How does gum grafting work?

Similar to bone loss, when gums recede over time or are lost to gum disease, they never grow back. Many dentists don’t focus on this because they are not trained in it, which can leave you with a compromised smile.

As with bone augmentation, Dr See trained with dental surgeons who pioneered the gum grafting technique in Germany, and can therefore provide a full mouth rehabilitation where other dentists cannot.

Gum grafting is when a small graft is taken from your palette to regrow gums in other parts of your mouth. This technique is used to protect your teeth against future decay, pain and tooth loss due to gum recession, and also create a symmetrical, even smile.

While it may sound invasive, the procedure is relatively pain free and the recovery is quick. Some patients have even described it as “feeling like I’ve had a burn from a hot pizza.”

Porcelain crowns made onsite

Gone are the days of having putty impressions made in your mouth, waiting for an external lab to make the crowns and returning for appointment after appointment for fittings and adjustments. At Advanced Dentistry Sydney, your crown is made and fitted all in one appointment, which saves you time, and allows you to get the right fit immediately.

Porcelain crowns are made on the spot, on site, using the latest digital technology, CEREC. This technology scans your teeth, and allows Dr See to design the crown as a near exact replica of your original tooth. He then uses a 3D milling machine to build the crown, and hand-glaze the porcelain tooth in the in-house lab.

How long does this take?

Due to the advanced technology available onsite, a crown can be made and fitted during a single appointment, meaning there’s no waiting time before having your new tooth fitted. The appointment takes three hours, which includes a 45-minute tea or coffee break, during which Dr See refines the crown before your fitting.

While other dentists may claim to offer some of these services, it is important to know you are putting your health in the hands of the most experienced dentist. Dr See is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He also regularly attends seminars and training courses in Europe, America and across Australia to provide his patients with world-class dentistry.

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