Comfortable, pain-free options

Sleep Dentistry

Is painless dental treatment possible?

Sleep dentistry is a great option for clients who have anxiety and dental phobias. It is also a popular choice for clients are having surgical procedures, which even the most stoic of us would prefer to experience under sedation. This means clients have a deep sleep and usually have no memory of the experience, this is called sleep dentistry.


How does it work?

It involves the use of intravenous sedative that induces a state of twilight consciousness. In this state, you’re conscious enough to understand simple requests by the clinical team, but have no memory of the experience. Apart from providing a much more comfortable experience, sleep dentistry also allows us to complete more work in a single visit than would usually be possible with only local anaesthesia.

Oral Sedation

An alternative to Sleep Dentistry is with an oral sedation tablet that is taken at the practice, before your dental appointment. It often makes the client feel relaxed and takes the edge off. Sometimes clients even drift off to sleep during their procedure. We will discuss each individual's needs and determine the best solution together. 


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