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How to Rejuvenate your Smile when you have Missing Teeth

Michael was a CEO of a large Australian company with an unfortunate history of gum disease. Before consulting with Dr Andrew See, Michael was told he wasn’t a candidate for implants because of his low sinus and the amount of bone that had melted away around his teeth.

After losing a front tooth and wearing a denture, he knew he didn’t want this to be the long-term solution.

Michael then consulted Dr See, who analysed his scans and worked on a treatment plan. Dr See was able to determine that Michael could be a candidate for implants by utilising advanced techniques such as sinus augmentation to address the low sinus and bone grafting to deal with his bone loss (all while being comfortably under sedation). In addition, Michael chose to have veneers to complete the rehabilitation of his mouth.

After undergoing the augmentation surgery, implants and veneers with Dr See, Michael now has a vibrant, healthy smile that he is proud of.

Watch Advanced Dentistry Sydney’s video about Options for Missing Teeth to find out the pros and cons of each option for people who having missing teeth.

How are we different?

Dr Andrew See has dedicated the last 18 years to Aesthetic Dentistry and has unique qualifications in cosmetic dentistry and rehabilitation. This includes a 3-year Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry from the prestigious King’s College London and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Implantology. Dr See completed his Fellowship by primary and secondary examinations for The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS). FRACDS is the mark of professional achievement in dentistry and demonstrates attainment of an advanced level and skill in Dentistry.


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