GC Gaenial Universal Injectable

GC Gaenial Universal Injectable

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Traditional flowable resin-based composites are conventional composites with the filler loading reduced to 37%-53% (volume) compared to 50%-70% (volume) of micro or nano filled composites. Being not as highly filled meant the big drawbacks are higher polymerisation shrinkage and weaker mechanical properties such as flexural strength and wear resistance (Baroudi 2015).

GC has introduced GC G-aenial Universal Injectable. Don't confuse it with GC Universal Flo. It's  flowable high-strength nano-particle composite. How? It has a high content of ultra-fine barium particles (69% by weight). For those who like their MPa figures would be happy to know the reported flexural strength is 173 MPa. In comparison Ivoclar's Tetric EvoCeram is 102MPa and Filtek Supreme XTE is at 146 MPa.

Ok, so what about polishability? GC have been able to create a flowable composite that uses ultra-fine fillers of barium at 150nm that are bonded to a resin monomer matrix via their latest full-coverage silane coating (FSC). This has significantly improved  strength, wear resistance, polishability and radiopacity. It also improved its ability to holds it's shape without the slumping that is seen in traditional flowable composite resin.


This is a paradigm shift of thinking where a composite with a low viscosity could actually be stronger.

However, before you go into your office and start throwing away all your existing composite, let's look at the disadvantage. The disadvantage comes down to the cost of the material. GC G-aenial Universal Injectable comes in at a hefty $32.74 (AUD)/gram. Traditional nano composites and flowable composite resin cost anywhere between $22.00-$28.00/gram.

What situations do I find it out performs traditional composites?

  • Cementation of indirect porcelain restorations. Easier and quicker to use than heated composite resin.

  • Multiple units of composite resin veneers.

For all other restorative situations such as Class I-V restorations, it performs in a similar fashion to current nano composite resin materials. It still needs to be place incrementally at a maximum thickness of 2mm. GC has brought out a flowable Bulk Injectable that can be placed in larger increments.

In summary, GC G-aenial Universal Injectable is a very useful composite resin material to have in your restorative armamentarium that provides the ease of use of a flowable composite with the physical properties of nano filled composite.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use

  • Shades match is good. It blends in well with the surrounding tooth.

  • Great polishibility

  • High flexural strength.

  • Holds its shape well.

  • No waste of material compared with using syringes of composite.

  • Radioopacity that is slightly more opaque than enamel.


  • It is more expensive than other composites on the market.

See below for cases of bonding with Gaenial Universal Injectable and composite veneers.

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Cementing with GC Gaenial Universal Injectable

Initial Presentation
Rubber dam placement
Caries detector dye
Caries detector dye
More Caries detector dye
Caries detector dye
Peripheral seal zone
Peripheral seal zone confirmed
Immediate Dentine Sealing
Porcelain Onlay
Dry try in
Preparation of the porcelain
Preparation of the tooth
Preparation of the tooth
Cement is placed
Excess resin removed
Final curing
Gross finishing
Gross Finishing
Finishing Process
Final Finish
Check for excess cement

GC Gaenial Universal Injectable for Injection Moulding Technique Veneers

Initial Presentation
Natural and Beautiful
Initial Presentation
Removal of Excess and Final polish
Final Polish
Initial Presentation
Lower Tooth Wear Protected

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